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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2014 7:30am-8:01am EST

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america i will be critical of them i will also support them when it's there to support them and many things like that so. i don't necessarily put a lot of credence in that you have said that the n.s.a. leaker edward snowden who remains in russia on a temporary grant of asylum is your personal hero why well he's not necessarily a personal hero but i think yours indeed a hero i can't say personal because i don't know him but to me he's a hero larry because he caught our government breaking the law and violating the constitution it took great courage to put himself on the line and make this wrongdoing noland to the american people and we have every right to know it we have the right to know when our government violates our constitution and our bill of rights and that's what makes him a hero because of the courage he showed in bringing it if if snowden doesn't do
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that we're still all under surveillance and it's business as usual can anybody sit here and tell me that it's a good idea to have all americans put under surveillance they treat us like we're all potential terrorists and what we're forgetting larry is the main thing they work for us were the boss can you imagine the employees putting the employer under surveillance only place that could possibly happen is in united states government so why didn't he run why didn't he just stay and face the music stand trial out of me will my to support him why go to russia. well you know i can't answer what his thinking was clearly he wanted to keep his freedom what he could get out of it and decided the best way to do it it seemed he did it with a lot of a forethought they tell us the best is yet the calm that we haven't even seen the best is what i've been reading about an airing about so what could have pot what
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could possibly be worse larry do they have a photograph while we're all in the shower is that what the government has achieved today i'm not sure i don't know what could be worse than what i've already learned but he obviously felt that he couldn't get away with it by staying in the united states and i can honestly say that i blame him you also have said that if you have a game but if you have presidents and bradley manning would be pardoned immediately the usa though in there yes i did because they are whistleblowers they are people who have exposed our government for government wrongdoing for violating our constitution and bill of rights and the government needs to be held accountable it's that simple what gives them the right to violate the constitution what we need now larry our laws were some teeth in it when we catch a government person and let's have investigations where the government doesn't investigate itself when when when we find
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a government official has violated the constitution at minimum they should be fired if not jail time how come you know it's like it's like everything when we lied to the government as citizens we can go to jail when they lied to us all that's right we go to war when they lie to us don't go in the jersey law into the stick all the time and the editorials in the new york times and the guardian in london have called for clemency for snow not get you to agree with that absolutely by the way salute lee i agree with many many concerns about the olympics in sochi security and the like how safe are they would you go. if i were in a limping kathleen yes i would say it's a chance of a lifetime it's probably the only chance you'll ever have to compete in the olympics i remember back in one thousand nine hundred eighty when we boycotted the summer olympics in the soviet union and my good friend brad rang him sue had won
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the two hundred twenty pound wrestling greco roman world championships the year before was not allowed to go because of politics got we never got a chance to go after the gold medal so absolutely we should go but when you go as a visitor there's this security the security surrounding this concern you. know i would think that the security of be very good over there i don't think russia wants a black eye in the world and not only that but would i go no larry because i don't even fly today because of the gestapo we have in the airports i have metal in my body so i'm treated like a criminal every time i go to an airport so i refuse to fly so would be pretty hard for me to get over there unless i want to jump on a liner and after all and people getting sick i don't think i'm too quick to want to jump on one of those ships right now all right you are the governor once did you
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ever tie up a bridge in minnesota because you didn't like the mayor of one of the cities what do you make of governor christie and bridge gate. well i'll tell you it just shows it shows you exactly that they put their parties first and not the country or the people of this city i'll give you an equal example i was trying to put light rail in to minneapolis to bring us into the new century of transportation how are we going to be a big city without mass transit you've got to have it the republicans were my biggest opposition to it and when i took it to the leadership and i tried to explain that it would go through this neighborhood where most of the people were on welfare and i would give them the opportunity to be mobile and to get jobs you know what the response i got back from the republican leader was i don't have anyone aleck that down there i don't give a damn and i sat back and i looked at him innocent but i thought after we're all elected we're all supposed to work for the state of minnesota see they forget about
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that stuff larry they forget they're there to do the people's work and they allowed their political parties and shows that these two parties put their parties in front of the people of the country it was unclear but did it surprise you that a bridge would be tied up for three days because someone had a bad feelings about a mayor not supporting a governor in an election well it just shows to the level the democrats and the rib ludwick can still go to larry when you're dealing with street gangs like that look what happens for the first lady barbara bush one of my good friends said she hoped that her son jeb wouldn't run in two thousand and sixteen citing the kennedys the clintons and the bushes she added if we can find more than two or three families to run for high office it's silly you agree with that. you know what i never thought there'd be a day since george w. got out of office that i would ever agree with a bush ever again but lo and behold i stand barbara bush you have governor
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jesse ventura's full support on that position she is absolutely correct we are not england we don't have royalty here why should only a certain few families get the opportunity to higher office in this country that wasn't what our country was formed upon our country was formed in a citizen government where you you're a citizen you bring your life experiences to bear in washington and then there's another novel concept when you're done go back to what you used to do like my good friend senator angus king independent of maine did he got done being governor he went back to the private sector for eight to ten years and now he's back as a senator again concept but there are some who say of jeb bush ran against hillary clinton we would probably have a very good race well thought out no backstabbing good issues to concern bright
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americans or you make of that well i would say if jeb bush ends up against hillary clinton that's going to pave the way for jesse ventura to be the next president i.e. say if that were the campaign you would end that race as an independent. i'll put it to you this way i larry if i run as an independent i'll be a true independent and i now can do it right here on or about t.v. if i want to because i have the way to talk to the people now. what what it would require though is like i've said i would it would be required that i get ballot access in all fifty states and that's going to require a grassroots movement from the country where to show me they would want me to come back for them in the grid you taken me back to ninety two and my guess was ross perot and he said the same thing put me on a ballot in every state now run well that that's what's required if you're an independent because it's different in every state they make it that way so that you
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have to jump through all the hoops so that they don't get a third choice but the way public sentiment is right now larry i mean i would run on this side i would offer the people of america challenge them to elect the first president since george washington the father of our country. that doesn't belong to a political party imagine that and i think the way it used today you could win on that issue alone we're talking with governor jesse ventura on this edition of politicking with larry king yes he's gone off the grid we'll come back and talk about that right after this. stalled talks accusations traded and endless demands made this sums up the process being played out in geneva with virtual stalemate on the battlefield outside proxies far left to make the hard decisions and compromises to alleviate and then to finally end a civil war but do these outside powers have the political will. right
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on the scene. first strike. and i think that you're. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crass cynical we've been hijacked by handful of
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transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm tom martin and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world to go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then welcome to the. wealthy british style. time to practice my. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on. the back politicking with larry getting our weekly edition and our special guest is jesse ventura he hosts off the grid on ora t.v. i explained that once the what do you mean by off the grid. well what i mean by off the grid larry is i'm down where there is no electricity and there's no paved roads ever all my electricity is received from the sun and so i am not dependent upon any type of government service to provide me with my electricity or anything to make the show available that's called living off the grid so then how just doing now for eight years well you see me because we have electricity but we have electricity from off the grid. so you're in a secret location. i could be i could be in cuba for all you know larry.
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you know shell in fact my cameraman's we have a director here named fidel and i have a cameraman over here named shea i'm not sure if not your show is broadcast see him do what you've called occupied america what are you talking about. america well i'm trying to get people to wake up that you know i driving them out of the country by car every year because i don't fly anymore and when you come back into the united states it reminds me of going to checkpoint charlie and trying to get into east berlin the only thing missing today are the army tanks and i think they're on their way at any time i just think with our loss of freedoms and what they're doing in our country that i've seen happening now especially in the last decade it's really been accelerated i think that we are a lock down country right now i mean look at the bill that mccain unleavened put through on the defense bill where they turn the united states military is now free
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to operate inside the united states come on larry we don't need the military operating inside of our country what purpose does that serve is that on this show that you're going to brazil and stories that people need to hear that they won't hear anywhere else like give an example what you going to what you're going to talk about. i'll give you an example we have the death of a great professional wrestler a couple months ago by the name a more recent mad dog push on and so on my show i'm going to give you stories about things that i did with this crazy man maurice mad dog fish on for all of those wrestlers wrestling fans out there you know i'm not i'm not just going to talk politics i'm going to talk life to people what it's like you know down here what it's like to physically touch gray whales in the wild which i've now done being off the grid but you're not going to be able to do things like that on the grid so that's one of the great things about idol off the grid great idea one of the people
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you're talking with during your kickoff week is the former congressman presidential candidate my friend ron paul here's a sample of that conversation let's go to the future a little bit i hear a lot of rumblings that your son rand may make a run for the presidency is that true well it's true that i've heard about that on the media and people ask me about it but i don't have any inside information because my guess is that an individual. you know like rand who has is well known now and his views are out there my guess is that he probably has a ways to go to make a final decision of me makes that decision so early but he's being asked that question a lot and i think when you look at the other candidates looks like he could do a pretty darn good job well you know it might be kind of interesting if rand does run if he took his father for vice president wouldn't that be interesting you know that
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be a little weird i don't think that's that's going to happen and you have written and spoken admiringly of ron paul in the past what do you like about him. well i liked ron paul when i was doing my t.v. show conspiracy theory he talked to me he was one of the few guys out in the cannon building that would always make time and come on the air be honest tell me how he felt and give me whatever information he could get i view ron paul as a man who doesn't he's not political the way most of them are and worried about his political career he truly believes in the country believes in the constitution he believes in the bill of rights and he's forever fighting for them and he and i have a great many things in common we have our differences but we certainly can overlook those and agree with each other and support each other i find dr paul i miss him not being in congress anymore what about his son. rand i don't know that well i haven't followed him like i have the father but you know i'll learn more about him
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affairs for as word filters down through me off the grid because i do keep track even off the grid of what's going on up there on the grid people are saying that he is a potential candidate on the republican ticket you see that. you'd have to ask the republicans that larry i don't try to get into republican and democratic business too much other than to criticize them because i don't want to be one of them and i don't want to be part of any decision making a mine do you said in the first segment that you would run for president as they say if you were on the ballot in every state why would you run why would you why would you go into that journey you're off the grid you got to have a life why. well i'm still patriotic larry i'm still a united states citizen and i believe strongly when our forefathers said we were to be vigilant and we were supposed to be
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a citizen government for it to work. i don't think i have much to worry about because i don't think it's possible to get ballot access in all fifty states. not without spending boatloads of money to do it so i think i'm pretty safe in making that statement there's one other little stipulation to you'd have to be allowed in the debates because if you're not allowed in the debates you have no chance of winning and unfortunately guess who decides who's in the debates the democrats and republicans got in why you haven't heard of perot that in the base yeah he got ya but that was in ninety two when they were under the national league of women voters that then the dems or republican congress immediately took it away from them and they formed the federal debate commission which was run by two former hondros of the democrats in the replied lichens instead of more writing on the wall do people need to see you said in the pairs that it doesn't matter what party has the presidency is still feel that way absolutely because they're both bought and sold
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by the same corporate interests when you cover like when you paired on a football game if you bet on both teams you're not going to lose any money and that's exactly what they do they pay off both sides at their respective conventions they've got all their bases covered they pick the two candidates and then they evolve the people to pick the one out of their original two that are already picked no it doesn't make any difference people should see that clearly after george bush and barack obama because there isn't anything different between the two of them if you ran to join or be a vice presidential running mate. right now i would choose angus king the senator from maine all right the independent got two term governor and i would pick angus king and lee and he has the best he's a brilliant man he went back to the private sector for eight to ten years he owes
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nobody nothing so governor king would be my number one choice during this gave you week twenty against was gary johnson has been a guest of ours the former governor of new mexico he was the libertarian party's presidential nominee in two thousand and twelve has a small excerpt of that i for one jumped for joy at the courage of the people of colorado in washington when it was put to a vote voted to decriminalize and make marijuana legal do you feel like i do that this is the breaking of a huge give you will that's going to break down now and end this ridiculous war on drugs i do jesse i think that this is the tipping point i think california is going to be the next state to follow and the tipping point did you know a couple things one is when everybody gets on an airplane from new york to go to denver for the weekend to chill out states are going to take notice the other thing is that colorado gets it you know citizens of denver many years ago voted to
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decriminalize marijuana on a campaign based on marijuana being safer than alcohol having drank having smoked pot neither of which i do today but having done that i've always maintained that legalizing marijuana will lead to less overall substance abuse because people will find this such a safer alternative than alcohol or other drugs when you think of people like gary johnson. well guess i'll tell you what i think about people like gary johnson i proudly went to the poll and cast my vote for him larry i will tell you unequivocally i voted for gary johnson for president of the united states last election because i felt he was the best man for the job. doing this show off the grid and jesse that you're going to rile up a lot of people. i don't know but i know it riles me up so. if that's good enough because i love the idea of doing this off the grid
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because nobody's telling me what to talk about larry when i had my short lived stint at m.s.n. b.c. before they threw me in the dirt because i because i didn't support the war in iraq every day the topics would come down from up stairs that they told me i had to talk about so it isn't really your show when you do the shows on the network like that it's the network show and you just happened to work for them i love or of the t.v. because so far nobody's told me nothing i've been able to talk about i'll get myself in trouble which that i can deal with but m.s.n. and as n.b.c. is a liberal network why would they throw you off if you're against the war in iraq since i presume they were against the war in iraq because they weren't at that time at that time it was two thousand and three and they were trying to be fox lite. they'd they had just hired phil donahue and they took phil who was their highest rated
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show and they threw him off the air to i don't think it mattered whether you're a liberal or democrat at that time you had to support the iraq war or you were not getting on the air phil donahue and i can attest to that what do you make of twenty four hour cable news cable of c.n.n. and fox and emma's and b c. it's great entertainment i don't call it much the news i look to russian t.v. and algis are a much more for my news than i do any of those those are great shows if you want to see a political agenda and if you want to host it well you know push that agenda that's all there more entertainment than they are actual walter cronkite wouldn't be working at any of them larry how about interacting with the fans would you like ordinary citizens you want regular people to be in touch with you absolutely we're going to do segments every show of ask jesse where i will get they will tell me what the quick and guess what larry it's not going to be like a presidential debate they're not going to give me the questions three weeks ahead
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of time to where i have all the spin doctors write out all the answers for me like they do in a typical presidential debate all they don't give us they don't give english or is hell do jesse they are is a zero nine jesse they don't give him the quavers koch they haven't caught george bush with an earpiece in that time where they were given to me answers to an ear piece because he couldn't think of it may have been a manse of a jesse year and the military are antiwar why are you dressed in military garb i'm off the grid i don't know i just think this is this is how che guevara would dress and you know and i are you hiding from someone do you think someone sent the shot at you know you could camouflaged. that's why i'm off the grid larry i can't do this show and talk about what i'm going to talk about up in the united states they're locked down
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up there i have to be free this is very larry you're old enough to remember radio free europe should do this or is this is internet free america with jesse ventura broadcasting across the grid off the grid back to the united states jesse's allowed to speak freely here without drones hovering over his head and tracking him down we have only a few moments left it's so hard to draw you out jesse every time you know where this is because the man be pammy it down the middle no strong opinions do you honestly ever miss being governor. yes absolutely i do governor was a great honor i served it to the best of my ability for four years you missed things like i put in the first leg of the light rail in minnesota i redefined their whole property tax system i cut license tabs to a flat rate of ninety nine dollars a month instead of a six year graduated sales tax so it's fun to accomplish things while you're in
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office and that's why if i chose to go back in office i'll do it with a clear head to accomplish things again if i so decide to do that if this ever happened but yeah i miss being governor plus you got bodyguards larry everyone has to kiss your ass we're out of time love you jesse. thank you larry always a pleasure we thank jesse ventura for joining me today remember you can see jesse's new show at or a dot t.v. a new show post at three pm eastern tuesdays through fridays and you never seen anything like it on t.v. or the web well my viewers out there i want to hear from you join the conversation on my facebook page and share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting king's things and using the full politicking heads today that's all for this week's politicking with larry king.
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live on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war program. would use the shops were always full of goods. but in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went and saw that all the shelves were empty. in november they bombed the diversity warehouses where you saw it was the main storage place for all the food in the city people are eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. the third night it was incredibly heavy bombing. it was
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a direct hit on that very shelter and everyone was buried underneath. all of them would. choose your language. of choice because with oh if the materials going to kill some of. us choose to use the concerns you. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact the life who choose the access to often.
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what is who's writing it and where is it leading to seeking to bearings we seem to turn to the news to take heat for the medium is the message and this most by will mean the planet is now the method for defining clicked of reality each night if it's not on the news it didn't happen right. to build a new. mission to teach me. why you should care.
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ukraine's opposition front men seek more support from the us and the e.u. as the. western regions. lethal drugs is set to change the face of capital punishment u.s. states. leading we hear from the experts who describe what condemned prisoners will face when the old methods. and washington is pressing the. security agreement. as fears mount over the growing strength in the country despite thirteen years.


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